The simple art of simply living

Living simply is about exploring simple ideas that can add more meaning and value to our lives while ditching the excess baggage that holds us back.

The art of simply living is the art of living simply

We all have struggles and stress in life that we don’t like dealing with, so we try to do things or accumulate things that we think will make us happy. We follow society and try to live the way we see our friends living on social media, or our favorite celebrities, or the seemingly perfect life we’re continually promised in advertisements. Occasionally we do find happiness in some of these things, but it typically only lasts for a short time, so we find ourselves feeling empty and wanting more. I know I’ve struggled with these things and have wondered if the grass really is greener on the other side, or if true happiness even exists.

Happiness is fleeting…

The truth is, life isn’t perfect, and it never will be. We’ll never be happy all of the time, and we’ll never be completely free from the struggles and stresses of life. Think about this—if it were Christmas every day, it would eventually become ordinary and boring and we would begin taking it for granted and wanting more. Many of the ups and downs in life are actually helpful because they remind us that, although there are good and bad times, they’re both only temporary. When things are good, we can learn to appreciate them more—and when things are bad, we can have comfort knowing they will pass.

My personal journey is simple—to simplify life. What does that mean exactly? It means precisely what you might be thinking—to remove any unnecessary complexities, distractions, limiting beliefs, unhealthy relationships, or anything else that might be adding to our anxieties and unhappiness. These are all things we have control over, and things we can decide to let go of.

When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose.
—Jack Dawson, Titanic

The road ahead will be different for everyone, and most of what I share about these ideas in the future will be based on my own experiences and the ideas I’ve discovered along the way. My hope, though, is that we can all find meaning and value as we explore the art of simply living.

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